Solar Pool Heating Central Coast

Need Solar Pool Heating on the Central Coast?

Extend Your Swimming Season

Are you worried heating your pool will cost too much? Not sure if solar, gas or electric is the most suitable option for your home’s swimming pool? If you have second thoughts about your pool heating system, simply contact Solar Services Central Coast on (02) 4367 6223. We install and service solar pool heating equipment all over the Central Coast, products on the central coast including Bateau Bay, Point Clare, Terrigal, Killarney Vale, Erina, Kincumber, Gosford and Woy Woy.

Solar technology is the most environmentally friendly pool heating system that’s guaranteed to lower your energy bills in the long run. Solar pool heaters use the sun’s energy to keep your pool at comfortable temperatures.

Solar pool heating gulf panel — Solar Power Services in Bateau Bay, NSW
Pool Cover — Solar Power Services in Kincumber, NSW

Pool Covers & Blankets

Investing in solar pool heating is a smart choice; getting a pool cover or blanket is even smarter! We supply a wide range of durable pool covers that help keep your warm water in place. Installing a cover or blanket on your pool will:

  • Minimise water consumption
  • Reduce water evaporation
  • Reduce chemical loss
  • Reduce heat loss
  • Prevent dirt & debris from entering your pool

And much more! Explore our range of chemical resistant covers; enjoy heated water whenever you want to swim. Get in touch today for more information on our high-quality pool covers, blankets and equipment.

If you have solar, gas or heat pump heaters that warm your swimming pool, it is highly recommended you have a pool cover installed; without a cover, your pool can lose twice its entire volume every year. We install state-of-the-art solar & thermotech foam pool covers that save 99% of your water from evaporating.

  • We do Thermotech for indoor pools
  • We mostly install Solar covers